COVID-19 turns 40-year-olds into 60-year-olds

COVID-19 makes survivors age faster

Individuals who have suffered from the coronavirus infection, even in a mild form, may experience premature aging of the body, scientists have noticed. Ancha Baranova, Professor at George Mason University in the United States, referred to the results of the study that was published in November, RIA Novisti reports.

A group of doctors examined patients who had come through COVID-19 in moderate to mild form. According to Professor Baranova, those who had a very mild illness, in 70 percent of cases developed pathology of internal organs. The main pathology was not heart, but liver related - mainly fatty hepatosis (the liver deterioration), as well as fatty degenerations of the pancreatic tissue. Such diagnoses are common with people over 60, but, as it appears, such symptoms can be diagnosed with 40-year-old inviduals from the post-COVID group, Ancha Baranova believes. 

Thus, the coronavirus disease makes the human body age a lot faster, the biologist noted, adding that scientists still have to study the consequences of the infection in detail.

Igor Sergienko of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation believes, however, that conclusions about premature aging after COVID-19 are untimely.

"There is too little scientific research about the long-term impact of coronavirus on the human body in terms of aging," he told TASS.

Earlier, Baranova said that there is a decline in the birth rate in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

In Russia, a recent study conducted among those who recovered from COVID-19, said that the Russians, who had suffered from the novel coronavirus infection, complain of problems with memory and concentration. As for neurological consequences, severe neuromyalgia, pains in the outer surface of legs are most common symptoms among neurological consequences of the disease. Specialists attribute such complaints to psychosomatics, stress and fear, the neurotoxic effect of the coronavirus infection and impaired lung function.

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