Lung cancer rates among men and women decline

Lung cancer rates among men and women decline. 44666.jpegThe American Cancer Society put out their annual report on the state of cancer in the U.S. with some good news, and some bad.

The good news is that the American Cancer Society has reported that the rates of lung cancer being diagnosed among men and women have declined, says SmartAboutHealth.

The gap in cancer death rates between college graduates and those who only went to high school is widening, the American Cancer Society reported Friday.

Among men, the least educated died of cancer at rates more than 2 1/2 times that of men with college degrees, the latest data show. In the early 1990s, they died at two times the rate of most-educated men, reports Fox News.

A spokesman for Altria, the parent company for Phillip Morris, maker of Marlboro brand cigarettes, said that excise taxes on cigarettes do not always get the results in revenue promised, largely because people find ways to get around paying extra, according to Reuters.


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