Hospital machines not powerful enough to detect fat man's heartbeat

43846.jpegA man who weighs 34 stone has finally decided to lose weight after doctors were unable to detect his heart beat - because he was so FAT.

Alan Belmont, 24, was shocked when doctors told him they could not find his pulse despite using a stethoscope and even an ultra-sound machine.

Doctors told him the hospital's machines were not powerful enough to penetrate his thick layer of blubber, Daily Mail says.

Talking more about his decision to lose weight, he said, "I was quite embarrassed when the doctors said they couldn't find my pulse. It suddenly hit me that I had to make a drastic change to my life and lose weight. When I get in cars I can't get the seatbelt on so I would like to get myself fit".

Mr. Belmont thrives on £267-a-month Disability Living Allowance as he is unemployed. He blames chemicals in his inhalers for his condition as he was 20 stones in his teens, TopNews United States reports.


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