Cold sufferers have better option than chicken soup - zinc

43399.jpegA team of scientists believes that zinc supplements can reduce the severity and duration of illness caused by the common cold.

The findings, based on a review of data from 15 trials, could help reduce the amount of time lost from work and school due to colds.

The idea that zinc might be effective against the common cold came from a study carried out in 1984, which showed that zinc lozenges could reduce how long symptoms lasted, according to Times of India.

A sweeping new review of the medical research on zinc shows that cold sufferers finally have a better option than chicken soup.

When taken within 24 hours of the first runny nose or sore throat, zinc lozenges, tablets or syrups can cut colds short by an average of a day or more and sharply reduce the severity of symptoms, according to the Coch rane Database of Systematic Reviews, a respected medical clearinghouse, The Denver Post reports.


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