Skipping Insulin Injections is Common Practice among Diabetics

As has been shared by a new research, over 50% of the diabetic population which has been prescribed insulin shots, has, at one point or another in the past, skipped their injections. Also, about 1 in every 5 indulges in the dangerous practice "sometimes" or "often".

The reasons behind the skipping of shots, however, tend to depend greatly on the type of diabetes.

Study researchers have revealed that over 25% of diabetics are currently placed on insulin. All patients suffering from type 1 diabetes, and some with type 2 diabetes as well, need insulin shots in order to manage their disease, and also to prevent the steady progression of dangerous complications that could arise as a result of the condition.

"Intentionally skipping insulin injections may be more common than clinicians think. It's important for physicians and other health-care professionals to be aware of potential risk factors, especially for patients who report injection-related problems", said lead researcher Mark Peyrot, at Loyola University Maryland.

The research revealed that among sufferers of type 1 diabetes, those who did not follow the recommended diet routine were most likely to skip the injection, and among those who had type 2 diabetes, the most common skippers were younger people, those in the lower income group and those who feel that insulin shots are painful or embarrassing.

The TopNews United States  has contributed to the report.

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