Obese People Can Avoid Diabetes

  Everyone may prevent diabetes. One just should follow certain rules, recearchers assure.

  In one study, people at high risk for type 2 diabetes (linked to obesity) lowered their risk by 58 % over three years. They did it by making lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and exercising. Among those who took a diabetes medicine called metformin, the risk fell by 31 %.

  The researchers just published results on these same subjects at high risk for diabetes after following them for an average of 10 years. The researchers encouraged lifestyle changes. Only one-third of study participants took metformin. Here's what happened:

  People didn't lose a lot of weight, but kept it off. The average person lost about 41/2 pounds.

  The rate of new diabetes cases was reduced by 34 % among those who made lifestyle changes.

  The rate of new diabetes cases was reduced by 18 % among those taking metformin.

  The actual rate of newly diagnosed diabetes dropped from 11 cases per 100 people per year to 5 or 6 cases per 100 people per year.

  Not only was the rate of new diabetes cases markedly reduced, but this reduction was maintained for 10 years. It's likely that people also had fewer health problems caused by diabetes and lived longer. But this study was not designed to evaluate these other outcomes.

  A change in diet and modest weight loss were linked to much lower rates of diabetes. People were encouraged to lose 7 % of body weight. They were urged to exercise for at least 21/2 hours a week. This new research also shows that taking metformin may reduce the chances you'll develop diabetes, according to Newsweek  report.

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