The Stalingrad Point II: The Time for Russia and Europe will come

The Evolution in the European Political Universe is unstoppable and unavoidable. As I said before all Empires and Systems get to a maximum expansion point, or Stalingrad point, only to begin its retrograde process of decadence. What Hitler began in 1933 reached that point in Stalingrad at the end of 1942 to disappear in Berlin two years later. What Lenin began in the early Twenty century in Russia reached its Stalingrad point in the late seventies and early eighties with its maximum expansion in Vietnam, Afghanistan. Nicaragua and El Salvador, only to disappear in 1990 in the streets of Moscow and the end of the Soviet Union. Now is the turn of the Revolution that began in France in 1789 to reach its Stalingrad point. This Revolution came to reality as a slow and well-calculated process. It took centuries to create the evolution and configuration of this well planned Revolution that was executed in France. The Revolution that took place in France in 1789 was originated centuries before, it is stronger than those of Hitler or Lenin and that is the reason of its long lasting existence and more slowly reach of its Stalingrad point; nevertheless, by natural rule of evolution in politics, it will come. First came the Renaissance as a way to place in second terms the Scholastic Philosophy and the Man and God relationship. The Protestant movement in Germany, England, France, and Switzerland placed another obstacle in the unity of Europe under a consolidated philosophical school; in this way, variations and internal divisions created a more likely environment for the abandon of the Old Order based on the Christian Civilization System of social and political configuration. Later on Cromwell with his Regicide example, and the new school of the Freemasons writers Voltaire and Roseau gave the last tool for the execution of the Revolution that took place in France. The Victory of this Revolution in the United States and France began a process of political evolution that hasn’t concluded yet. The new governments, based on the ideas of the Encyclopedia writers, took the name of the democracy from the old Greeks in order to mask this very recent invention as something millenary; something completely false because the old Greek formula has very little in common with the inventions born in the XVIII century in Washington D.C and Paris. The arriving of Darwin’s theories based on an accidental world, with a Godless explosion of life and no need for Providence or Religion was happily accepted by the new liberal and Freemasons states, that without delay combined Voltaire and Darwin for a perfect apologetic recipe, that was to become the dogma of its general indoctrination of the population and the masses. The Theory of Darwin became “fact” and “dogma”, and Voltaire and Roseau works became a pseudo Bible where the new liberal European society could find “the secrets of the Universe”. At the arriving of the Stalingrad point of liberalism a new period in universal History will born. This period will have for engines a big European country such as France and a new Russia that will be created within the next years. There is a theory that says that presently Russia is just living a bluff about its democratic intentions. If the intentions of Russia are currently a bluff, then Russia is doing a good job deceiving the West. According to this Bluff theory, Russia is just buying time, getting investment, gold, extracting good deals with the US and west European countries, reducing the risk, etc. All with the clear intention of showing up at the right moment and the right time. Gaining time, by reconstruction and give a non-threat appearance is this Bluff strategy. The recent inclusion of Russia in the NATO is just a way to have first hand intelligence on Russia’s only thereat. Russia cannot avoid the extension of NATO and the isolation of Kaliningrad, so the strategy is just be inside of NATO to reduce the threat; as in the movie the Godfather: “keep your friend close and your enemies closer”. The fact is that Russia will change with an internal revolution that will not be Marxist or Leninist. Russia, with an extreme poverty, crime, military and social decadence will look for an escape in a radical nationalist revolution. The logic behind this is that if a small country like Germany, many times much smaller than Russia, with no oil and limited resources, had a revolution in 1933 and became a superpower that almost took the world less than ten years later…then Russia can do the same thing ten times better. If a radical nationalist, and non Marxist revolution, free of the International Monetary systems, occurs in Russia, then this country with unlimited resources and extreme hunger for the old Glory of the Empire, will become something 10 times more powerful than Germany. If the agonizing and chaotic Weimar Republic was transformed in a mighty empire within a few years, then Russia can dot the same thing 10 times better and become a Superpower again: a non Marxist, nationalist, pro Christian Superpower. The perfect friend and starting point for Russia new future will be a big European country within its final phase in the Stalingrad point. A country like France, with nuclear weapons- insurance of independence- and tired of the failures of liberalism will become the perfect inspiration and friend for Russia in this new era of world History. The Le Pen factor in France’s election is a logical step in the evolution of European politics. The always-changing face of European politics will move France away from its current political system to a new stage, the state of a Counter Revolutionary Sixth Republic. The victory of President Chirac, with 80% of the votes will not stop this change. The liberal propaganda machine used all its bullets and reserves in that last Presidential election. The propaganda message was absolute and universal. After the expected failure of Chirac’s government, the liberal media and propaganda machine will find themselves without reserves, arguments, and options. The liberal propaganda supplies will run short; extremely short. The triumph of Chirac was sold as the ultimate victory of the liberal Democracy and the Republic. Chirac had it with absolute advantage, this means no excuses or room for failure. In a few years the French people will find themselves with the same of less money as today, with the same or more crime as today, with the same or more transculturization as today. When in a few year the French people will see their situation and social conditions deteriorated, without the Internet generated economical boom of the nineties, and a more weak country, then the propaganda of liberalism will not work any more. “One moment- will the French think- is not the same stuff you told me in 2002? But nothing happened. Just the same, always the same...this time, I wont hear you, I will go for National Front”. It is just matter of time. The grandiloquence promises of this year will have no effect in some time in the French politics. A most powerful political earthquake will take place in France within short time. When Russia see a big Western European country reaching its Stalingrad point, and going into a National Right Wing Revolution, then Russia will follow without delay. A new Axis Moscow- Paris will born; Russia will see a powerful country in the center of Western Europe, with its own nuclear weapons, strong economy, giant amount of “Capitalist” gold, technology and military might. The perfect relationship will be born and a new center of gravity in world politics will be created. The unilateral world of liberalism will end. Russia’s aspirations are directed to the old glory. They don’t want to see themselves anymore in the position that Germany was in 1932 with its catastrophic Weimar Republic. One day, soon, tired of the humiliation of being moved from Superpower to a third world country full of misery, Russia will do what Germany did in 1933. The extreme hunger for past glories and power will guide Russia leadership towards a non-Marxist revolution. Russia is careless about Roseau and Voltaire and the liberalism creed. With this a new nationalism, based on a renewed Christian fervor is growing in Russia. A new sense of European and Christian civilization is reaching far into the soul of the Russian people. The contact with the West is telling Russia the level of life they don’t have…and the level of life they will never have trying to play the Capitalist liberal game of the West. When you cannot play a game with its rules, you must break that rules, and look for a shortcut. Russia will look for another ways to get the western living standards; a way inspired in a Christian and Nationalist Revolution. The future of Russia is unstoppable: Power and Glory. Fear and Might. The new axis will be a reality. It is not a fanatic illusion, it is scholar social analysis. For those few that don’t believe in Social Sciences or political analysis, I can point to other sources with similar results. The reading of the prophecies of St. Seraphim of Sarov and those of St. Hildegard of Bingen, Blessed Rabanus Megentius Maurus, St. Caesarius of Arles and St. Francisco de Paola concerning the “Great Monarch” will be very interesting for those that have little faith in political and social sciences. The conclusion will remain the same: Russia will be big again, and not only in territory.

Roniel Aledo Captain in the US ARMY Texas

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