Elena Hoffman : If the people are stupid to allow to be used there is nothing wrong with using them

The rule of the game in the USA has been the following: buy the politicians, buy the media, and buy yourself a good attorney and you are untouchable. You can do whatever you want. That way everyone wins -everyone that matters that is.

The moral in the USA has fallen to this: Your interest is the only thing that matters. Whether and whoever you hurt during your "struggle" to satisfy your "needs" is of no concern to you. (The ones hurt are often politely called collateral damage.) As one American woman put it:

"If the people are stupid to allow to be used there is nothing wrong with using them."

The same philosophy is used in the USA foreign politics. There is nothing wrong with befriending terrorists, and murderers, nothing wrong with destroying small countries, nothing wrong with bombing whoever your interests ask you to.

Again according to what the American woman said: "If the country is screwed up (read stupid) there is nothing wrong to use it and abuse it." Whatever and whoever is lost in the process is a collateral damage.

The Enrons and the WorldComs and the Andersons and the Marthas Stuarts (a small list of companies that have cheated and are under investigation) contributed lots of money to one, the other, or often to both parties. They have the people who are making laws in their hands. They are convinced that they will be protected and will be OK. The same stands for all the Financial Investment firms that advised their customers to invest in stocks they knew that were bad. The "stupid people" that have no friend in Washington DC, and who've lost their entire savings are the one who should worry.

The challenge that this moral and philosophy is faced with at the moment, however, is what someone called "the investor's revenge." The investors are pulling out of the stock market. Some of them because they lost their trust and others because they have nothing to invest any more. People's portfolio values in the USA have fallen 70% in the last year. This challenge can be also called the “what do you do when your greed is unstoppable and there are no more "stupid people" left to use" challenge.

What has been proven through the centuries is that human greed and the arrogance have no end. When the car is allowed to go downhill, the farther it goes more speed it gains, until it hits the bottom.

Elena Hoffman

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