Reply to Gil Eyal from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Firstly, when I write my articles, they are signed Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda.Ru, which means that I write for myself, within Pravda, not claiming to represent the ideas of each and every one of Pravda's readers or even staff.

That you have your point of view and I mine, is evident here. I have my sources both in Israel and Palestine and abroad. I exchange news with a group of accredited journalists here in Lisbon and by e-mail a little around the world, from Alaska to Kazakhstan, from Cape Town to Fortaleza, from Sydney to Stockholm, so please do not claim to be THE voice of right and reason.

My. Eyal, I am sick and tired of people like yourself bickering and complaining every time evidence is uncovered of Israeli atrocities, evidence which comes out in news bulletins and pieces all round the world, in creditable and accredited journals.

Yes, I have military training and yes, for your information I have three years' experience in fighting terrorism and yes, Mr. Eyal I have seen active duty and yes, Mr. Eyal I hate terrorists and terrorism as much as you.

I also hate blind, barefaced criminal arrogance, I also hate it when soldiers shoot kids and I also hate it, Mr. Eyal, when IDF personnel open fire on civilians or crowded marketplaces. The camera does not lie, Mr. Eyal.

So take your insults and what you "really" think of me and place it in the appropriate place.

Note the difference in tone between my missive and yours and before I finish, reread my article and note that the tone of your response was exactly what I had predicted even before you wrote.

Your being a Pravda correspondent in Israel does not give you the right to consider yourself able in any way to launch diatribes against other members of staff nor to consider yourself in any way rightful to special treatment.

I consider your message to be impolite, rude, arrogant and belligerent. I suppose this goes in line with your government's stance.

Goodbye and best wishes to you and your country. Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY PRAVDA.Ru

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