John Kendrick: In regard to the June,12,2002 article in today's Pravda that is titled "Pseudo-Anastasia comes to Moscow with 1 Trillion Dollars and Distemper"...

You should be made aware of the following evidence (Please see photo files attached below) that is contained in an unresolved Alexei case that has *no* connection at all to this most recent claim made by 101-year-old Natalia Petrovna Bilikhodze:

In the first photo file attached below, the missing Tsarevich Alexei is shown on the left at the age of eight. The picture is part of larger photographic portrait of the Imperial family that was taken in the Romanov dynasty's Tercentenary year of 1913 (attached at the bottom of this message). The right hand photograph is a picture of an Alexei claimant named Alexei Heino-Tammet Romanov, taken in Tallinn, Estonia in 1930 at the age of 26 years.

In the second photo file below, the 1930 photo has been turned into a transparency so that the facial details of both the 1913 and 1930 photographs can be seen together in a single image when one photograph is placed directly over of the other.

The image of a man's collar and tie over a boy's sailor suit clearly demonstrates that this is, in fact, two pictures placed one directly overthe other. The facial details of the two photos... one five years *before*.. and another twelve years *after* the Tsar's murder... merge flawlessly into the perfect image of a single face.

The editors of Pravda should also be aware that DNA samples from the case ofAlexei Heino Tammet-Romanov (see pictures above) have been held by Dr. PavelIvanov of the Russian Academy of Sciences since April of 1993. The testing procedure was started on these same samples at the Forensic Science Service laboratories in Aldermaston, England in the Spring of 1993, just weeks after those samples were received by Dr. Ivanov and Dr. Peter Gill.

At this point in time, more than nine full years after the samples from this same Alexei case were supplied to the scientists work on behalf of Russia's State Romanov Commission, the test results from those same samples are *still* being with held by the investigating scientists.

(Please note again that this Alexei evidence has *no* connection to the claim that was made in Moscow yesterday by 101-year-old Natalia Petrovna Bilikhodze)

I would be most interested to hear your thoughts about this new evidence and I welcome any questions that you may have about this Alexei case.

Best Regards John Kendrick Investigative Journalist Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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