IZAKOVIC Rolando: Pravda is missing the most important story of last few millennia

This is my reply to Pravda.ru offer that was announced in post ATTENTION READERS! Have something to say to the world?
on 03.06.2002.

I think that Pravda as well as any other main news medium in the world is missing the most important story of last few millennia. It is the story about global operation of aerial sprayings of the western world with chemical and biological agents that is performed by NATO under the supervision of governments of the western world.

I am an active member of informal international group, of which most prominent members are US citizens, that is actively fighting for the disclosure of this, that is among us called, The Global Chemtrail Sprayings Operation. I have been called in after my article was published on the website of one of the leading US alternative radio stations, in which I have documented that the second day after Croatia entered the Partnership for Peace in May 2000, chemtrail sprayings of Croatia commenced and that direct observations made in a first few days led to conclusion that the NATO is the executive branch of the real chemtrail spraying operation which is managed by the governments of Western World. On the west this operation started in 1999.

Below is the link to my first article that describes this Croatian event and it's possible ramifications. An ongoing diary of the proceedings of this event over the town of Rijeka (Croatia), illustrated with photographs is also available at the link. There are two locations in USA that are monitored in the same way.

If you are not interested in this event could you please tell me if this operation is ongoing over the Russia and China also or if it is not so. This is of utmost importance. Any link to the persons or related sites in Russia and China, if any, will be most appreciated.

Best regards. IZAKOVIC Rolando, dipl. ing. Rijeka CROATIA http://www.deepspace4.com

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