Walker Sheridan: To join hand in hand for a better world

Present world political, social, and economic circumstances bespeak of a time when the world peoples are more and more stressed and divergent from one another. It is of the utmost significance that the peoples of the federated Russian Republics and the peoples of the United States of America be aware that it is our governments that have taken us all to the brink of planetary catastrophy. Our governments, particularly the American government, have multiple adjendas which are not those of the people. The PEOPLE of the United States of America stand ready any day, any time, anywhere to join Hand in Hand with the PEOPLE of Russia to move forward in heartfelt effort to secure world peace and planetary tranquility. Each of us must be ever aware of the deceit and misrepresentations by particularly our American government. The American government has long since diverged from the basic tennants within our Constitution which provided the bases for national existence within a framework of government "Of The People, By The People, and For The People". In America we no longer have such a framework in implemantation. However, we the people have a responsibility to ourselves and the world to re-establish that framework. The peoples of both our grand countries should always stand ready to join Hand in Hand and prevent our governments from leading our peoples in a direction away from peace. In America for generations our federal government and our "medias" have promoted the most awkward an erroneous impressions of the Russian people to include that the Russian people are interested only in world domination. We the people of America recognize that the Russian people have no interest in world domination. Rather it is your government and military-industrial complex and elitists who seek such a dark path. In America our government and military-industrial complex has long been recognized as seeking the dark path. We in America ask of the people of Russia to join with us to reform both our governments and join hand in hand for a better world.

Walker Sheridan Alaska, USA

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