Terry L. Fesler: I am ashamed that many of my fellow citizens seem to think that "having things" is freedom

Dear Editor, It is "new" to me to speak with anyone from the "Land of the Big Bear!" as I have known Russia [the Soviet Union] to be called. I visit many foreign news web addresses as possible, as long as they are available in English. I speak, read, understand, so little of a few other languages. If I could, at least, be permitted to say "Thank You," sincerely, for the opportunity to visit Pravda and read it in English, I am grateful for being able to do so. I like the Moscow Times and the St. Petersburg Times also. I know I would most likely never be able to actually visit other countries as I would like to. But I think that in many ways it is not so unlike my own country. 1) Beautiful natural landscape; 2) caring people; 3) Excellent friendships; 4) Many things worth doing and many things worth sharing with others.

As a child, my teachers have always tried to make me understand that the "Land of the Big Bear" may someday show the rest of the world how to survive, even during the worst of times, and also show the world that no one nation has a monopoly on wisdom and the resources of good people. I have met a few people who have come from Russia and now live in the USA...... It is not what they have always expected, especially the police/authority. We may have many full grocery shelves and many cars ........... and many more people who have these things ............... but that is not freedom and I am ashamed that many of my fellow citizens seem to think that "having things" is freedom, and have come to accept ......... so why question authority when "life is good?" What I fear most ............. is that "Evil Empires" will come to realize that subduing the people with "convenience" is all it really takes to "stop the questioning and resistance" of the people to seek and know the truth. When people accept this as good ......... ......authority may then do as it pleases with minimum resistance. That is Evil, and what Evil does. You are most kind to take the time to say hello to me. My Best Regards, Terry L. Fesler

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