Gil Eyal: Reply for Carlisle

Dear Sir,

Though I strongly disagree with your ideas, I have no intention of implying that you are dumb. I think quite the opposite - and that is why it troubles me to see that you are missing my point.

I'm not here to say Israel has never been wrong. I'm not here to say Israel has always wanted peace. I'm saying it wants it now.

Some say Sharon is guilty of war crimes in his past. I strongly disagree, but I fail to see the relevance. Sharon himself has said: "I want to see a Palestinian state". Just weeks ago he fought a bitter fight against Netanyahu, who claimed Sharon's support of a Palestinian state goes against the party guidelines. Sharon wants peace. Maybe Sharon of 10 years ago didn't - but remember my original title - Israel is ready for peace. Now, not 10 years ago.

Regarding the Palestinian situation - We agree. It's terrible. It's awful and it has to be changed. Most Israeli's are willing to do almost anything to fix it - except give up their own security. Would you?

It's a terrible prisoner's dilemma, but as you know - with good will, those can be solved. Israel of today has that good will. May be Palestinians have it as well - but not Yasser Arafat and not the terrorist organizations. Those are making their people suffer longer!

Over 80% of Israeli's in a recent poll want to see a Palestinian state, living peacefully with Israel. Both sides have made each other's lives miserable in the past. But is that really a good enough reason to keep on doing this?

If I in some way implied that I disrespect you, or made you feel like I think unkindly of you, please accept my apologies.

Gil Eyal Israel

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