John J. Donna: The occupied territories should federate with Saudi Arabia

To The Editor of Pravda: World War III cannot be ended and planetary unification cannot be achieved until there is peace in Jerusalem. The people of earth must recognize that this is a planetary problem. The united will and collective influence of humanity must join with the Israeli and Palestinian peoples to end the violence and reach a just settlement. Following immediate ratification of the Saudi Peace Plan by the Knesset, Prince Abudullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia should be invited to address the Knesset, visit the Noble Sanctuary, and sign a Treaty of Jerusalem. The occupied territories should federate with Saudi Arabia. The Palestinian State of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should function as a semi-autonomous entity. A referendum on full Palestinian independence should be held after twenty-five years. The Palestinians cannot yet police and govern their own territory without a transitional period in which their security forces receive outside training and support even while the institutions of civil society and the rule of law grow strong. To ensure Israeli security and full integration into the Middle East, the State of Israel should be invited to join the Arab League and should be guaranteed membership in the EU-style economic and political union which will take shape once peace has been achieved. Israel should also, with the support and approval of the entire Middle East, be invited to join NATO and NATO should sign-on as a guarantor of the Treaty of Jerusalem. It is in the greater planetary interest, including that of those Middle Eastern states who face their own fundamentalist insurgencies, that the terrorist infrastructure in the occupied territories be permanently dismantled. It is, however, equally incumbent upon the planet to ensure that Israel is not left to act unilaterally against a people whose territory it occupies. The crisis in Israel and Palestine must be brought to an end through an immediate ceasefire and lockdown of both Israel and the occupied territories; the rapid deployment of United Nations monitors and peacekeepers to separate the parties and undertake humanitarian relief efforts; a supervised and coordinated withdrawal of Israeli Defense Forces from the occupied territories and their simultaneous replacement through an additional deployment of planetary peacekeepers from NATO, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and other nations. All of Earth must guarantee the Peace of Jerusalem. A final settlement of all territorial issues, along the lines of the Camp David proposal which was rejected in 2000, must be placed, through referendum vote, before both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. Planetary occupation and supervised demilitarization must be maintained for a ten year period while peace, so fragile in its beginning, takes hold. The entire planet must assemble a massive economic and reconstruction aid package to be delivered to Palestine and the entire Middle East upon the implementation of the Peace of Jerusalem. The working people on the street must be made to feel immediate economic and social benefits from peace. Such will be the greatest persuader and force for the unity of reconciliation. The Holy Land is a place of powerful natural beauty. Pilgrimage, tourism, and recreation should sustain the economy of Palestine and Israel, but their potential will only be realized in peace. Jerusalem is a planetary city; a spiritual, cultural, and historical treasure which belongs to all humanity. It must be under joint Israeli-Saudi administration. Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia should agree on behalf of the Saudi royal house and Islam that just as Saudi Arabia is the protector of Mecca and Medina and the guarantor of the Peace of the Hajj, so shall it be the protector of Haram al-Sharif and the guarantor of the Peace of Jerusalem. In accordance with the tradition of hospitality in Islam, pilgrims of all faiths must be accorded both safe passage and unhindered access to their holy places. On the Noble Sanctuary that is the Temple Mount, the farthest mosque, Al-Aqsa, should be reserved for Muslims making salat, but the Dome of the Rock should be recognized as a spiritual shrine consecrated to oneness, peace, and love; an architectural jewel belonging to all humanity; the third and final temple of the age of planetary unification. The Qur'an states: "Mankind is a single nation." (2:213). Let the Dome of the Rock be given to all the people of Earth; opened as a place of pilgrimage that all people may come as individuals; in silence, humility, and without display; in reverence and peace; to submit to love; to seek healing, wholeness, oneness, and peace within. The revelation of this age is written in the sacred heart of humanity by the hand of life itself; its pages can only be opened in silence; its wisdom can only be read through love; and only this inner celestial spark of sentient spiritual consciousness will righteously guide us on a straight path to awakening, survival, transformation, and planetary unification.

Respectfully Submitted, John J. Donna Pittsfield, Massachusetts The United States of America

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