GIL EYAL replies to H.B. Carlisle

Forgive me if I'm unimpressed with your use of the term Chutzpah. The only Chutzpah is yours. Making claims based on misiniformation and best. Sharon didn't go into the west bank for fun. He went there because he was fighting the whole world's battle. And you know why? Because people like you are too shortsighted to understand that if suicide terrorism works in Israel, it will work elsewhere. I don't know where you are from, but I assure you, the Israeli/palestinian conflict is definitely not the last. And so thanks to Sharon and President Bush, maybe you or your relatives won't have to feel some day the pain of knowing your child was blown to pieces while dancing with his friends. I have to giggle at your feelings that Israel has met it's own vietnam. Do you really think the arab world stands a chance? Smart arab leaders have realized this: Israel and the US have an insurmountable bond. This bond is one of searching for peace. And of course I don't say every Israeli. There's a lot of us, and many are wrong and bad. But the majority of Israelis have proven, on several occasions, that they will do a lot to gain peace. Otherwise, how do you explain our peace with Jordan and Egypt? Sure, the palestinians are in a crappy situation. I would be the happiest man on earth if Israel could withdraw from 100% of their territories, and most ISraelis would be more than happy to clear out the settlements. But there is one thing that has to happen first: WE NEED TO KNOW THAT WE CAN LEAVE OUR HOUSES SAFELY AT NIGHT. Get it through your skull, Mr. Carlisle: We're not going to give up an inch of security, after being attacked several times in the past 52 years by our arab neighbours. Give us security, and we'll give you everlasting peace. P.S. The war has taken a huge toll on Israel's economy. Saying Israel wants more war shows how little you understand of the politics of the region.Of course, all of us just enjoy leaving our homes, wives and jobs for a month in order to sit in tanks and watch towers, just so some palestinian or syrian suffers. Have you ever sat for 8 hours in a watch tower knowing if you move your head the wrong way, you will get shot? Yeah. We all just can't wait for our next opportunity... Especially since when you come back you find out there are major tax raises to fund this war. Yeah, we all are just dying for another one...

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