Dennis: "Having been to Russia, including Moscow, I sense the dynamic powerbuilding."


I am married to a fine Russian women. So naturally I have been interested in the Russian culture, history and people, as well as politics. Let me say that I find your coverage of world events both comprehensive and balanced. It is a wonderful publication.My wish is that every American could read this paper daily. Your stories are far more in-depth than most of our American papers. Also, I seem to get the news faster!

Having been to Russia, including Moscow, I sense the dynamic power building, and I feel that once President Putin is able to cope with the immense economic problems, including the illegal side of business, your entire country will blossom so quickly and beautifully, that it will take your breath away. I think the Russian people are ready.

This is one American who would love to see this happen so that once and for all, the misery and suffering that these fine people have endured for so long, will finally be at an end. They deserve better.

As a suggestion, I would like to see a few more stories of human interest such as; (1) What is going on in the Orthodox Church. (2) Stories about the orphan problem with the children. I have heard stories which are heartbreaking, and I believe many childless American couples would be extremely interested. (3) Stories about family life in Russia.

Destiny will bring our nations together. This is my prayer.

Kiss your editors! :)


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