Y Wang: Please abandon "people.com.cn"!

Dear Pravda,

I am very much against your policy of joining hands with "people.com.cn", simply because it is a capitalist and fascist government. If one regards Pravda as an opposition voice in Russia, speaking by the people and for the people, "people.com.cn" is definitely not such a voice.

As you know very well, all the voices against the Jiang Zemin government has been clamped down. True communists have been arrested, tortured and their websites have been banned. It is a fascist rule. Please do see this truth.

You may argue: who else is to choose? No one. Because they have been brutally clamped down. It is a capitalist system in China. You know this. The Chinese leaders are traitors of Mao and the socialist ideal. The majority of the Chinese, especially peasants and workers are suffering enormously under the capitalist regime, which only serves the interest of a privileged class, the DAVOS people in China, if you wish to call so. You must have heard the workers' demonstrations throughout China, which was bloodily suppressed.

You must have heard China entered WTO by tramping on its Constitution: recognizing "One China, One Taiwan." You must have read in the news, that China says "the U.S. is neither a friend nor an enemy". You must have learned that China's economy is on the verge of collapse. You must have heard the 1 billion Chinese peasants are "second class citizens", because of the 2% tariff on the U.S. grains. American grains has flooded onto the Chinese market, while the grains grown by the Chinese farmers have no market to sell, and the grains in the public storage are rotten. You must have known, at Mao's death in 1976, China's foreign debts was 0, and domestic debts was also 0. Now, it has fallen into the abyss of foreign and domestic debts. The loans from IMF and World Bank was thrown into the mechanism of the "market economy" and got straight into the pockets of the privileged class. It was hailed by the U.S. You must also know, that the 16 Congress of the CCP will be held in autumn, and that Dick Cheney in the U.S. has nominated his favorite agent in China: Hu Jintao. Hu just visited the U.S. to make an agreement with the U.S. on the "One China, One Taiwan" policy. Oh, I can tell you so much about this capitalist and fascist China. Please, do consider to abandon the capitalist and fascist "people.com.cn"! Because I, and many many Chinese people do not think you and they are of the same kind.

Of course, "people.com.cn" needs Pravda as a camouflage to cover up their true capitalist and fascist face. It needs Pravda to show to the PLA and the people: "Look, Pravda is our friend! We are still Communist and socialist! Look, Pravda supports us!"

Don't you think so?

Best regards to all of you

Y Wang

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