Roof E Dew: Russians have much to learn about free speech and the free market

I have read several articles you have presented on this website and believe still that Russians have much to learn about free speech and the free market. I think you have come a long way, but I can still see that the government still has some form of control over what is said. I have not yet read anything that shows a love for capitalism. Remember, to say "free market" is to say "free people." Remember, companies may make a profit, but that is what motivates them to produce a product or provide a service. Without that incentive, they would not try so hard. If profit is not available, no one will push themselves to improve quality, quantity, price nor service to customers. Russians often think of "profit" as a form of greed. Is it greed that motivates a father to make a better life for his children? To have a little more than someone else is a motivation, and motivation is the key to success. If you remove any form of profit, you consequently remove motivation. This is called competition and without it you do not have any motivation. When a worker receives a paycheck for a days work ... that is all "profit" for him. Is this greed? No, it is simply getting money to buy things. He or she invests his or her time and they receive compensation for this time. Some get more compensation than others for various talents they can provide to other people. Better musicians get more money for being better musicians because more people will pay to come see them. Is this unfair? No, it is not. So, better business men also should get more money for providing better services or products because more people will buy them. When he provides a better product than someone else, the people will buy his products or services instead of the other persons. This is fair and is natural. It is unnatural for the government to provide for others. People should have the power to start a company, employ people and make profits in accordance with the quality of the products and services provided. The market will decide how much they earn and not the jealous government. The people are the market because the market is made of all the people purchasing those things they want or need. The government is only a few people who only provide you with those few things they think that you have. Just my thoughts.

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