Holton C.Rogers: America’s lost republic

From a historical perspective our republic lies in ruins. Freedom as we knew it has been replaced by government by regulation-fascism. There is no longer moral authority. Our country is run by devious people of all stripes. Our populace is in debt beyond repayment. Our military is used to excess to further the commercial ambitions of a select few. Faux patriotism is used to fool and sidetrack the populace. Our government and our foreign policy is a disgrace used only to enrich the oriented few. Corporatism controls our society. Our culture is being destroyed by unbridled illegal immigration. First, government, then law and most other professions are part and parcel of this economic and financial octopus.

The crime, fraud and misrepresentation in business have never been greater, particularly at the top levels of major corporations, brokerage houses and banks. All markets are being rigged and the SEC does absolutely nothing about it because our government and the Federal Reserve are doing the rigging. We have a super class that is above the law. When they are caught breaking the law they are fined and the media extols their virtues. There may have been tax cuts but the majority of the tax burden sits squarely on the backs of the little people. We don’t have two parties in Congress; we have one, which has almost been totally acquired by the elitists. We have a professional bureaucracy that is controlled and does exactly as it is told. Over 30 or 40 years you see the same names popping up in every administration. The common thread among them is the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberger Group.

Our mercenary military services the needs and desires of these elites the world over in the charade known as perpetual war for perpetual peace. Of course, this same cabal controls all those companies that profit from war and destruction. Class distinction is widening. The largest growing group is the poor and the working poor. The rich are certainly getting richer, and American aristocracy is based on wealth. Globalization and free trade makes them even richer. They believe this enormous wealth will allow them to implement world government under the guise of their kind of democracy. Who is to discover what they are doing when 15% of our population has cultivated intellect and the rest have been sufficiently dumbed down by what passes for an educational system. Yes, we no longer have a republic. We have institutionalized control by oligarchy. The only answer we have is try your best to communicate our real problems to others and to prepare yourself financially and physically for the difficult times that lie ahead. The question is when our enemies attempt world government and open that window of opportunity, will we be able to win the moment and regain our freedom?

Holton C. Rogers

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