Danger for Russia, US & Free World - Islam!

It is time the great Nation of Russia along with the U.S. and other Free World Countries demand the Islamic/Muslim religious leaders and Governmental leaders cease and desist in their objectives of conquering the world for the Islamic religion. This is now producing violence, homicidal bombings, kidnappings, and actual war such as in Israel today. The aforementioned countries need to unite on a solid basis to put heavy pressure upon these countries now before it is to late.

If they do not back down on their objectives they must be warned that full war will be engaged against every one of the Islamic countries in the world. That would mean: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabi, Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and any other militan Muslim country. They must be stopped today because they are engaging in a build up of biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry and with their "religious belief system" uniting their governments they pose a threat to the very existence of this planet! Why? Because they have no value of any one's life on earth except existing as a Muslim! This is unacceptable behavior on the part of any Nation in the world community.

The people of America now love the Russians and your President Putin. We can work together very easily now. Let us join our forces to stop this "evil" work going on in the Islamic/Muslim world whether they exist in our own Nations or in independent Nations around the world. I am not advocating any persecution of these people at all. However, through education, writings, speeches and economic methods we can bring these people to a place they cannot function in this capacity very easily.

By not supplying them with ammunition and various other goods and services we can keep them controlled. However, if any break out as they are now doing in Israel they need to be dealt with militarily. Since they have chosen to yoke up the Religion with the State they must suffer the consequences of political and military problems. Thank you for all you folks are doing to improve your Nation and thank President Putin for his brave and solid leadership under difficult circumstances. He is doing a wonderful job.

Austin Travis Austin,Texas

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