Jeffrey Seelman: Soft Drugs in America

Dear Pravda,

My name is Jeffrey Seelman and I wrote "The Softdrugs Legalization Act". Marijuana and Hashish are relatively harmless substances when ingested in moderation and even have some medical benefits. I feel strongly about this subject and do not believe that the government has any business or right to determine what I do on my own time in my own home by myself. The United States government has been out of control of the American people since JFK's assassination. I believe that the American government, not really having any power over industry and the military, now simply exercises control over the population and is not working for the people, but are terrified of their superiors and are afraid to speak out over issues that are really very debatable like legalization of soft drugs. The alcohol and tobacco industries simply do not want any competition. They know they would lose. Smoking Marijuana and Hashish is a victimless crime and should not be prosecuted in the court system. This week, John P. Walters, U.S. Drug Czar said in a statement that Marijuana is physically addictive. This is simply not true. Some individuals are chemically dependent and psychologically addicted to many things. Sugar is addictive. Alcohol is addictive. I do not see United States government doing anything about it. Mr. Walters said that thousands of accidents are caused each year by Marijuana. How many accidents, assaults, rapes and violent confrontations are caused each year by alcohol abuse. Almost all children are now addicted to sugar. It is forced upon them. Do they have a choice? We as adult United States citizens should have a right to choose between a volatile deadly poison like alcohol and the natural substances that have no record of violence such as Marijuana and Hashish.

Jeffrey Seelman Working to legalize Marijuana and Hasish in the United States

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