Jane S. Derry: The Map of “the Creator”

Excellent article!!! I didn't know there was a Russian newspaper online!!! I'll be very interested in reading this!!! Did it ever occur to the persons investigating the map, that the persons who made it could be from Atlantis? Atlantis has become a proven fact, that yes, it did and does exist, in the center of the Atlantic ocean. They ruled the world many centuries ago. When they sank, some 12,500 years ago, they caused the Great Flood, Noah's flood. Only the sinking of a continent could cause the poles to melt, and the oceans to rise to such a height that the waters covered all lands!!! Underwater Archeology going on right now in the Azores and the Bimini area (off western Florida, USA) have discovered ancient ruins of temples and other great things soon to hit the news. Though there is a faction of the Scientific community have stuck their heads in the sand and refuse to see what is right before them in facts, many have now agreed that Atlantis did exist, and does now, in the Sargasso Sea. That is why, for many years after the flood, the oceangoing people had to go around the area, it was far too muddy to traverse. Anyhow, mankind has been on this planet a good deal longer than most want to admit. Yes, they were here when the 'dinosaurs' lived on the planet, and spent many years trying to get rid of said monsters. (They were only called dinosaurs in recent years.) This will all be proven out when the Hall of Records in Yucatan and Egypt and Atlantis are found. Three places they reside, in quite safety. At the time of the upcoming polar shift, they will be opened and put to use again. The Atlanteans came from space, all of the people on this planet came from space. You may argue this fact, but that doesn't change it. This planet is far too young to have supported the evolution necessary to make man who he is today. The five root races; black, brown, red, yellow and white, are from other planets!! All you have to do is read your history of each culture to find out that their ancient relatives came from the stars. That means they came from other planets!!! And the so called UFOs of today, they are just keeping track of what is going on with their relatives on this planet. Think about it. Had they wanted to wipe us out and take over the planet ( as the paranoid people think), they could have done this many, many centuries ago. They don't want to kill us. They don't need this planet. There are plenty out there that they are living on. The map of the creator is important!!! Hang onto it. Remember the prediction, "Out of Russia will come the saving of the human race." You have a very important role to protect this very important map. It not only says that humans are a lot older than everyone thought (history needs to be rewritten) but it also proves that a technologically advanced race once lived on earth, and MADE THAT MAP. And they came from the stars, as you and I did! We are all one family. HUMANS!!! Human Universal MAN. (and woman!) Blessings to you on this important discovery!!! Tianca (One of the Starborn)

In several of his readings, Cayce stated that the survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis had brought with them records relating to their earliest history. These, he said, were carefully buried in a secret chamber somewhere near to the Great Sphinx, which stands guard like a sentinel over the Pyramids of Giza. A second set of these records was taken, he said, by other survivors of the disaster to be buried somewhere in the Yucatan area of Mexico. He also said that a third set of records still resides in the heart of Atlantis itself.

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