Holton C.Rogers: What happened in Venezuela

Proof of complicity was not long in coming concerning the part of the Bush Administration in the attempted overthrow of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They actually DID overthrow him but he refused to submit although they took him prisoner for 24+ hours and tried to force him to sign a resignation letter, but they did not succeed and the coup failed. The Administration had met several times over the past several months with the dictatorial junta that attempted the coup. Then they lied about the content of their talks. Just the very fact that they have admitted engaging in discourse with people attempting to overthrow a duly elected democratic government is duplicitous and dreadful. After the overthrow the official Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer said the administration was pleased Mr. Chavez was gone.

Now the administration contends an overthrow never took place, they must think the whole world is stupid, what arrogance. America officially is now in favour of overthrowing duly elected governments simply because they disagree with them. Mr. Bush has little credibility left. Let this be a warning to all other democratically elected governments that they are not safe from America’s elitists.

Holton C.Rogers

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