Carlos Antonio Chambonnet: This is a message to President Bush on the Middle East situation

My message to President Bush was sent on 17 April 2002. I am sending it now to several dignitaries and friends, that I feel are interested in the Middle East situation, as well as several on the international media. The more we talk about this, the better.


Mr. President,

My theory on the difficult situation in the Middle East, identifies the possible solutions on a different approach to the problem. These are my thoughts:

1) You have to obtain a new and fresh negotiator, to act as a representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations and also with your government's participation.

2) This negotiator approach should be:

a) To the Heads of Government of the Arab League countries. On the March 29 edition of the International Herald Tribune, I read that on the final resolution of the Arab League meeting, they had endorsed the Intifada and pledged $150 million dollars in help, besides a $330 million dollars in help to the Palestinian Authority. These makes them part of the big problem and their offer to the Intifada is not the most peaceful of all.

b) The negotiator should convince the authorities of the Arab League countries, that they should stop their financial help and make the terrorist stop their suicidal attacks on the Israeli population. At the same time, he should talk to the Israeli and Palestinian authorities on this peaceful mission, so that both try to soften the violent atmosphere in their areas.

c) The key to the solution of this conflict, is on the willingness of the Arab League countries' authorities, to do their part in the solution and they're needed. At this moment they feel safe, because their countries are far from the firing scenes. They feel comfortable, because their economic development proceeds in a normal fashion. They don't put the dead, they are putting in more flame to the problem, because they do nothing to really stop it.

d) When they are convinced that they are part of the solution, I can assure you that Peace will finally come to the Middle East. Not the Israeli nor the Palestinians, not even for religious reasons, love to die. Life is great and I feel that instead of concentrating on Israel or Palestine, we should force the Arab League to put their important and needed helping hand in the peace project.

e) When all that is done, the Arabs can recognize the State of Israel and the Israelis can recognize all the Arabs countries and the Palestinian State.

f) For the traditional City of Jerusalem, it should be named as the World Capital of Religious Freedom. It should be under a Joint International Committee directed by a UN representative and four other representatives, one for each, the Christians, the Jews, the Moslems and the Orthodox. It should have administrative and police authority.

g) For the geographical limits of the two countries, we have to go back to the 1948 map and establish the locations of the Israeli and Palestinian settlements, that have developed since. These new locations should be put, temporarily, under the Joint International Committee. With the help of the Refugees UN Group, work should start on the handling of all the people that is located in Lebanon or Syria, besides the ones in Israel and Palestine.

h) After things start working smoothly, I can assure you Mr. President, that a new world will freshen up in the Middle East. I feel very sad for all the people killed in this long battle. They already, right or wrong, have fulfilled their destiny. Now we have to do everything possible to stop this crazy thing. That the future to be cheerful for the Israelis and Palestians that have a right to Freedom and Happiness.

One final word to identify myself. I am a citizen of the Republic of Panama. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame (Indiana) - Class of 1956. In business (Insurance brokerage and business consultant), social and civic work (Panama Lions Club) and a writer in local newspapers on national and international themes. If these notes can be of any help, I am very happy for PEACE IN THE WORLD.

Sincerely, CARLOS ANTONIO CHAMBONNET Panama, 17 April 2002

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