Holton C Rogers: The Freer Press

We, in America, were taught that we have a free press. Quite the contrary. In reality, the press and the TV news outlets are owned by a very few companies. These companies are allowed to broadcast via their Federal Communications Commission licence. This licence can be pulled at will. That is why you will never see any opinion other than the "party line." That is why we never see any opposition to the War On A Vague Term (terrorism). We must go to the internet and use our search skills to see that there has been considerable opposition. The killing of brown people has been a fixation with this and every other administration since America was founded, and there will never be any change to this policy. It focuses the public away from the other obsenities perpetrated upon it. I'm sure there are taboos in the Russian press, concerning their cluster-bombing of innocents in Cheznya, so maybe there isn't much difference between the two; it just seems like it and I guess that will have to be good enough for now.

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Author`s name Editorial Team