Daryl L. Bell-Greenstreet: I found your paper to be both interesting and very enjoyable

Dear Inna,

I am an American who, thanks to the Internet, have just had my first opportunity to read your English language version of PRAVDA. My compliments to you and the other editors. I found your paper to be both interesting and very enjoyable.

As our cultures have been "locked apart" since before my birth, this new contact has given me an idea I would like to share with you. Several years ago I approached an international society whose membership was composed of individuals whose IQs ( Intelligence Quotients) were above 150. In practical terms this meant the single highest IQ out of any 1,000 people chosen at random.

I asked each of the 700 members, through their journal what he or she considered to be the wisest thing he or she had ever heard or read in his life. In essence, I was asking them to share what they considered to be the ultimate in wisdom. I received around 400 responses and, excepting only various versions of the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), no two responses were the same. As I come from a culture that does not always place a high value on wisdom, I was never able to get the results published.

If you think your readers might be interested in reading what extraordinarily bright people consider to be ultimate wisdom, I would gladly send you an electronic copy with no strings attached. I want no payment for them and am merely offering this collection as an act of good will.

Thank you again for allowing me to read PRAVDA.

Daryl L. Bell-Greenstreet

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