Roderick McLeod: I read your website to get a balance on the western viewpoint

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a British citizen I read your website/paper to get a balance on the western viewpoint. Without your site my internal visualisation of what is right & wrong would lose valuable grounding.

I am not saying West is right, east is wrong, there are merits in all systems – I would prefer there were more & more accessible Russian sites.

I would prefer (personally) more collaboration between Russia & the West. Especially the UK, we here tend to be more 'basic' in our approach to life. Despite what you may hear we in the UK have the highest taxes & lowest standard of living in Europe - still people want to come here - simply I guess because they think they are 'free'. I am in no way Communist - a free-marketeer actually, but why come to a country where all controls are so relaxed... If they get here, eventually after 7 years they get amnesty & are taxed for 40% of earnings... stay in France for gods sake!!

Roderick McLeod

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