Gisele Mesnage: Culture is a medium to foster harmonious human relations

Dear Inna,

It is absolutely wonderful that PRAVDA.Ru has now given its readers a forum arena to discuss scientific issues. The new Science forum already has half-a-dozen threads, and the debate in these threads is lively, refreshingly amicable, intelligent and informative.

My initial letter to you, subsequently posted as a thread in the politics forum, proposed an arena for discussing scientific and cultural issues (Pravda – Could we have a forum zone to chat about science, culture and other popular interest topics).

I am infinitely appreciative that the Science forum strand of my idea was implemented, and now I appeal to you to also please consider the second proposed strand - a forum category dedicated to Culture.

Many of the PRAVDA.Ru readers who posted comments on my original thread endorsed this idea. As fellow Australian poster, Platykitten, stated: “We have so many people from so many different places posting to this forum that I doubt we would be lost for a topic”.

Culture is a medium through which we can foster harmonious human relations. What do I mean by ‘culture”?

Well, I’d like to see an arena where we could post items about our respective countries and cultures (stories, songs, poems, general information, etc) or chat about books, films, music, poetry and art. Russia is respected throughout the entire world for its nurturing of culture. It strikes me this quality is sadly wanting on the PRAVDA.Ru site. The Politics forum is not a place conducive to cultural conversations. The Science forum has really widened the scope for debate on the forum – but we’re missing the Culture link to make the forum all-embracing.



Gisele Mesnage Sydney, Australia

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