Dave Bullard: To play along with the holocaust myth?

I wanted to comment on the article you published declaring that the state of Israel was founded on a holocaust myth. My question is: how could 6 million people not here anymore be a myth. Regardless of how Jews died in concentration camps, they died. If Jews were the self serving people that this article said they are, AND the holocaust was a myth, why would they allow all of their wealth and riches be taken away from them and stored in nazi vaults and Swiss bank accounts? To play along with the holocaust myth? Is that not ridiculous? Wouldn’t many many thousands of non-Jews had to have been involved in any holocaust myth fraud in order to make it plausible? I wasn’t an eyewitness to Jesus dying on the cross for me, but I believe it happened because the facts of history absolutely scream that it happened. The facts of history also undeniably show that a massive massacre of the Jewish people took place as a deliberate act, by conscious design by the nazi leadership. Hitler wrote a book about his feelings and what he planned to do, it's called Mein Kampf, or maybe the Jews manufactured this book too as part of their plot to form the nation of Israel. How far will you rationalise to prove a point that goes against all fact, all common sense, and all academic analysis?

Dave Bullard

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