Sheila Samples: I find Pravda objective and very refreshing in its honesty

It is very brave of you to open yourself up to comments and/or criticism from your readers around the world. You are probably not surprised to learn that more and more Americans are being forced to seek out objective commentary from the international media, as US media is corporate owned and its agenda is geared more toward profits rather than public service. Since they have installed "one of their own" in the White House, their single objective appears to be to make him legitimate; thus, it is rare that we read an objective assessment of his performance. This is very dangerous, and has resulted in a growing campaign on the part of the administration and the media to silence dissent, to quash opinion and to punish opposition. The average American, deprived of the critical balance the "Fourth Estate" has always brought to democracy, is blissfully unaware of what is going on. If those of us who care did not seek out other avenues of information, we would have no recourse but to bow our heads and take our place in line... I find Pravda objective and very refreshing in its honesty. It is one of the international papers that I read daily. You had an article in October by Jared Taylor (an American?), "Teaching More Millions To Hate Us," that should be required reading for all Americans. I come to you mainly for political commentary, but thoroughly enjoy your "Fun Pages" too. Also, by reading your local news, a picture of the average Russian is emerging--one that is far different than most Americans have drawn from history books or films. I like that Russian -- one with robust humor, a love for his country and high hopes for a brighter world future. We're not so different after all, are we? Thank you for opening your pages to the world reader...

Sheila Samples

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