Dear Mr. Bercovitz,

Thank you for your sensitive, friendly, constructive and pleasant reply. Well, I think this brief exchange of correspondence proves the point that PRAVDA.Ru wants to make. Here, we can present and discuss alternative opinions, state our positions, give points of view and like this bring people together, sharing ideas and hopefully building bridges. This is PRAVDA.Ru at its best.

You are firm in your convictions and I respect that. I am firm in mine, too. However, we have managed to open a door to discussion. You will find here many articles defending the Palestinian cause and others defending the Israelis. That we can discuss the issue with Israeli people here, is an honour and a pleasure.

What is at issue here is the broader question, not whether A or B is a racist. racism is in my opinion a compensation for personal inadequacy, whether or not you are convinced that I am or not a racist is your problem.

I thank you once again for your positive attitude, and wish you and your neighbours all the very best, sincerely hoping that you can sort out your differences.

In friendship,


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Author`s name Editorial Team