Chris Mason: A reader of Pravda gets another angle on the World Stage

It is good to read Pravda. A chance to read something that reflects the reality of todays World, not so with the drivelling claptrap that is punched out by a bunch of hacks in the western media. Here in Australia I have seen the same peice of newsreel on the government T.V., about the attacks on Israel 5 or 6 times. The use of the same incident over and over again from different angles make it look as though there have been 6 different attacks on Israel when the fact is that it is the same attack, rehashed to look like continuing incidents. An old trick that only fools the brain dead. Another thing is that a reader of Pravda gets another angle on the World Stage. Your pages are well presented and easy to read. The only thing if you want to get your point of view out a little further maybe you would put a sign up relinquish copyright (with conditions). If you did do that a printer friendly version would be a lot of help. I am in total agreement with the your opinions of the intentions of the present intentions of the Bush government. I had an inkling that they were after the Persian Gulf oil, in particular Iraqi oil. Once they used Afghanistan for target practice a few years ago, I became convinced that they were after the Caspian Sea oil to boot. It looks as though I was right. By the way propaganda is as good as a bomb in a war situation, I can testify to that. Years ago the British/American/European Media "et al" propagandised and demonised the Russian People, NOTE THAT, the Russian People, not just the USSR government. The idea being to generate a lot of HATE for other human beings. I went to sea for a living which gave me a lot of opportunity to meet Russians and, I can testify NOW that the Russians are a very decent people. Not at all like the paople we were being told they were. I have drunk in bars with Ryssians and invited them back on my ship, so they were not that restricted that they had no freedom. I am not an apologist for the old government of the USSR but, I no longer believe every thing (more like anything) that is said in the western press. Especially from the present UK/USA press, I would rather have a look at your articles first, then, laugh at the tripe being put forward in the USA/UK press. There is some very good alternative press in the USA/UK but it is not sponsored or supported by their governments. The brave and intelligent men and women (type Joan Vion into your search engine for a very goood woman) who stick their necks out take a risk in coutries where free speech is called HATE speech. Mostly, this press can only get its message out on the internet because the "LEGITAMATE" press is mostly owned and operated by Greenlanders if you know what I mean. I am sure others will know what I mean. To make another point, I am not ctiticising the American British or any other people, it is just the governments that I would like to stuff down a cannon barrel and fire into outer space. I particularly agree with your comment that the west will have to pay a very high price to pay for demonising and diminishment of Christianity. That IS the TRUTH. Best of luck and keep on turning out those good editorials and articles.

Chris Mason

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