Once again to Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Gotta disagree sir. Even if what you wrote is true, and it is not, it is a far dry for saying the Jews murdered Jesus, and using that as a character defining idea.

The truth is that jews are just like other nations. Most of us don't want anyone to die, but we have a section of extremists who don't feel that way. How can you use the story of Jesus, even if the facts were as you claim, as a way to define Jews?

I don't see the relevance of Christianity also embracing the ten commandments. Never did I claim that Christians were evil. Muslims aren’t either.

Some people are evil. Those are people. They aren't Christians, they aren’t Muslims and the aren't Jews. Most of us find them to be a disgrace to our religion, and don't want them here.

Do you think I embrace Baruch Goldshtein who murdered innocent Palestinians? HELL NO. I think he deserves the worst punishment available. If it were possible, I would have him un-jewed:).

And now seriously - the reason Noam Bercovitz attacked you is because he felt you were generalizing against the Jewish people. I must admit I felt the same way.

I just can't see how anyone wouldn't understand that what’s going on right now is also Israel's fault, but not only. It takes two to tango. You're absolutely right. Israel needs to correct it's wrongdoings and give the Palestinians conquered land back.

offering 97% is not perfect - you're right. But it's much better than nothing - and you must admit, it shows that we are willing to talk, and try to make things right.

There is no point in arguing which side harmed the other more throughout history, because of course each side feels his harm, and dismisses the other's. I think we can all agree that Israel might share the blame for the wars that led to conquering the land, but we will all agree it's not ONLY Israel’s fault.

So there has to be an understanding, and I feel Arafat does not have it: Both sides have wronged each other. That's no reason to keep doing this. Israel made a considerable offer - the least we deserve is that they come to the table and sit with us. Instead, the next week a suicide bomber blows up in a bus and kills 10.

There are factions in the region that will not be happy until all Israelis pack up their belongings and go live somewhere else. This of course will never happen. I think it's obvious Israel will never agree to this. Since these factions will never accept this, it leaves the Israelis with no choice but to fight for their survival.

Dead end it seems. Until a responsible Palestinian leader comes to Israel and says: I want my land back, and in return- i guarantee to put 100% of my ability into providing you with security from my borders (similar to the borders in Egypt and Jordan).

If an Israeli leader refuses this: I, and most of the Israelis will be the 1st to condemn him.

Gil Eyal

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