An American to the people of Russia

I am really glad the cold war is history now. Sometimes the older generations like me, briefly view you with some of the mistrust that we had for each other for such a long time. But, with patience I am able to see both sides of the situation, and recognize that you no longer have as your goal to overthrow us. In fact there are many ways we have similar struggles, and similar goals.

Our countries both have very diverse populations with right wing, left wing, extremists, and people of the middle ground. From very caring people all the way to the criminal elements. We have to deal with everyone. We have governments that we try to keep updated to represent us, but this is never constant, but always changing, evolving, this is where hope is, that the governments of the past are not the ones of today. Together, we defeated Nazi Germany, and together we will be able to see through the veils of our governments to the humans within each country. In the recent Olympics, I read some comments from some Russians who had the impression that America does not respect them. This is opposite from reality, The Americans, I believe respect Russia a lot, and because of this respect sometimes we try to too hard in our competitions with each other, and this leads to temporary hard feelings, but please don't misunderstand us because we always respect and sometimes fear Russia.

As just one American citizen, I want to express thankfulness to the government and people of Russia for not reverting back to being an enemy toward us, for offering us your partnership and willingness to solve the problems, to come together for solutions together. Sometimes it may appear that America is trying to rule the world, but you can see behind the defense, we desire peace and loving lives, like you also desire. Ruling the world would cost too much stress, blood, and money. I believe you also have learned this.

Mike Thompson Senior Associate Haynes Whaley Associates, Inc.

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