Henry Freitag: The opinions of some American individuals

The war against terrorism, this is how some Americans see it and how they like it to be performed.

During my visit in the USA I spoke to a great number of individuals, (no politicians or soldiers). 85% of the interviewed recommended wipe from the face of the Earth the following Nations. Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Libya and some other unfriendly nations. This should be done with atomic weapons so that there is no one left to rise up again. Some of the individuals possibly 3% had the feeling it would also be wise to take out (destroy once and for all) Russia since there is a certain power left and that they could not be trusted.

10% did not care one-way or the other. The remaining 2% had a total different understanding and I must say I was stunned, impressed and ashamed not to have thought about the matters those people spoke about. These 2% were only two people in the age of about from 60 to 70 years; I never knew their names or where they resided. Both have condemned the attack of September 11, not only this, they opposed all violent conduct.

The feeling of both individuals were:

America is the superpower of the World, not alone in military power but also on finance. Especially after World War II, the USA interfered in the life of many people, if they did not like the government of a nation they openly opposed the nation and boycotted same or they set up terrorists and let them do the dirty work and if this did not work the USA send in the army. The USA has taken on the roll as the Police of the World, but only there where they see a profit for the USA. In the Middle East the main factor was the oil. The best way for the USA was to separate and create war and conflict between the Arab / Muslim nations. The world has seen a change in the conduct after the downfall of the USSR, the brutal conduct by the USA with bombing disregarding civilians, the innocent people. One of the individuals pointed out that to the best of his knowledge that at the time Eisenhower was in charge at the end of the WW II and after the war, that he permitted or ordered the starvation of about 10,000 German prisoners of war, the USA army burned the food outside the fenced in are a. If the USA would have left the Middle East alone, than September 11 would never have taken place. The USA bombs killed many innocent people in Yugoslavia, not to speak of the million of individuals (mostly children) have perished in Iraq. In Afghanistan many a times the USA army has killed the innocent people. Regardless of all this, what about the cost, the question both individuals raised is our government printing money and thereby devaluating our currency?

Why is the USA loved by some and hated by others, it is a difficult question and it could have multiple reasons. The USA is dominating the world by bringing to them a culture they recent. The USA is in the process of globalization and forcefully Americanize the World.

The USA made its own enemies. The USA is telling the world we protect the HUMAN RIGHTS, as in fact the USA is not abiding to the International Human Rights Code. In Afghanistan the US may destroy the country, wipe out all the people and by doing so, the USA, we, my country made more enemies than we ever had.

Our President G. Bush, tells the world he /the USA is afraid that some other small country obtains nuclear weapons and uses them on the USA, lets look at the small country it must be afraid that the Superpower will wipe it out. Remember the mouse which was cornered it attacked the cat and scratched out the eyes of the cat.

I, the writer thank all the individuals who freely discussed the World situation, at least this way the readers and I who read this article get an insight, what the some people in the USA think.

As a Canadian I must say when it comes to relations between the USA and Canada most of the time we see/feel the BULLE who likes it his way regardless what was the deal before. As long as the USA is not changing the foreign policy there will be no piece in the world. Europe changed the currency to a united EURO, in my opinion this was done, to be stronger and to stand up against the USA policy. It could be an act of self-preservation of those small countries; shortly there will be more and more countries joining in. The Euro nations are working on unification on the political area, a united EURO. If I would live in Europe I had to urge them on to join up and become a noticeable power to stand up on an equal footing with the USA.

In my opinion let the United Nations by the police of the World and let there be no veto by the larger nations.

Henry Freitag Canada

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