Gil Eyal: a response to Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey and H.B. Carlisle

First I would like to say to Mr. Carlisle: Your words are misplaced. Israel is willing to give the palestinians land and sovereignity on 99% of the territories. There have been mistakes in the past, and things can't change in a day, but the fact is. Every single Israeli Leader in the past years has run under one main idea: Peace and Security. Thats what the Israeli people want. Security and Peace, actually. Because without security the peace is worthless. You know as well as I do, the day an arab leader will prove he can and wants to provide us with security, we'll give him peace. We don't have the palestinians. Most of us dream of the day when they don't have to fear when they hear arabic. I tell you this as someone who is very involved in Israeli Politics, and plan to be one of the nation's main activists in a few year - We want peace. We'll make painful compromises, and we'll do anything it takes. Just show us you're game. (And don't blow up outside of our houses - and I don't live in the settlements, I live in Tel Aviv). To Mr. Bancroft: Sorry to break it to you. The stuff you read is wrong. I won't vouch for every Israeli soldier or for all the settlers. Israeli's can do wrong just like others. But that is not our main policy. We are not arrogant. We want to embrace peace - just like with Egypt or Jordan. Those countries have recieved nothing but good will from Israel ever since they have been at peace with us. I repeat. We want peace. We will, as a group - love our neighbours is they don't pose such a threat to us. The palestinians need a leader who will act and prove he wants to live with us - and we will make any compromise needed. Mark my words - when all this is done, and a new arab leader emerges, Israel will make a generous offer for peace. But it must, without exception, come with security - the dismantling of Hamas, Jihad and other terrorist organizations. And one last thing: The jewish authorities did not execute Jesus. Even the pope admitted this a few years ago. Murder is the biggest crime according to judaism: Thou shall not kill. Murder of a god is the worst type of the worst crime. Your accusation - in the article regarding the history of the jews and palestinians, is a blatant lie. This lie is the one that led to the persecution of jews throughout history. And you know something? Even if it wasn't a lie (and it IS), it's not an excuse to hate all jews. Do you think jews should hate germans today because of their ancestors? Do you think we think that a German is naturally born to be a murderer? We don't. If Israel can have close ties with Germany, and my good friend can be a German girl I met in Turkey, than Israel and the arabs can make peace! This is a plea to anyone out there: If you are an arab, from any arabic nation in the world, who feels like me - that true peace can be achieved, contact me. Together, we can start the process!

Gil Eyal

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my thoughts. Gil Eyal Israel

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