Dulles National Organization for Women: Shame on Bush

Dear Inna Novikova: We are the dissident branch of the National Organization for Women. … We very much enjoy pravda.ru and have linked some of your articles to our site. … The antiwar movement is very repressed in the US. The media has blocked us completely. Dulles NOW staff

G.W. How Could You?

President Bush is openly supporting the rampage and slaughter that the Sharon government is conducting in the Palestinian territories, the areas brutally and illegally colonized by Israel since 1967. Currently charged with war crimes in Belgian courts for the 1982 massacres committed in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Sharon is once again savagely attacking millions of defenseless and oppressed refugees under the disguise of a 'war' that does not exist, in violation of established international rules. In addition to the major destruction of infrastructure and property, the Israeli forces are engaged in massive cold-blooded summary executions of Palestinians. They are following orders to "shoot to kill" anyone who happen to be in their path: women, children, the aged, the wounded, priests, nuns, policemen, medical staff, human rights activists and journalists. Thousands are deprived of electricity, food and water because service centers are demolished. Palestinian men are stripped naked, made to kneel. Numbers are painted on their arm. Those wounded lay unattended because Israeli soldiers refuse to let ambulances circulate. Morgues are overflowing. Families are prevented from burying their dead, also left in the streets. Those authorized to do so buried them in mass graves in torn parking lots. All the while, Israel broadcasts pornographic movies from the Palestinian television stations they captured. Aghast Israelis are exposed to unprecedented waves of retaliatory attacks in Israel proper which may not abate for a long time. The incoherence and one-sidedness of American foreign policy have placed two peoples at extraordinary risk. President Bush has the means to stop the escalating carnage if he wanted to but he does not want to. Sickened Dulles NOW activists call on Mr. Bush to immediately reverse his dishonorable position. We strongly condemn the White House shameful collusion with Sharon as well as the drawing of our nation into the " Israeli madness unleashed" former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke of, a view shared by the rest of the world.

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