Answer to Gil Eyal...Israel Is NOT committed to peace

In many ways Israel is like early Apartheid South Africa

1. White Europeans (Israelis are 80% European) flock to another continent.

2. Through a series of wars they dispossess the native population.(Palestinians or Zulus).

3. The native people are forced into certain areas . The colonizer's police or army often invades these areas with armored jeeps or other armored vehicles.

4. A system of Apartheid is established. Native autos have certain plates and must use certain roads. The occupants are often checked and sometimes shot at random.

5. The colonial destroys the humble homes of the native and uproots his orchards to build colonial housing. In the 1980s everybody was boycotting South Africa over was the thing...then South Africa built a more inclusive government. Things there are worse now, but that's another story.

But no one boycotts one accuses them of Apartheid and genocide. Why? They are no better than the South Africans. Can the Chosen People do no wrong?

H.B. Carlisle

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