Cory Panshin: Your stories do not always seem 100% reliable

Dear Editor, In response to your request for comments, I would like to say that as an American, I enjoy reading because it covers many events in all parts of the world that our own news media do not. It seems strange to me that I have to go to a Russian source for news of places like Portugal or Australia, but American television and newspapers no longer offer foreign news unless there is some sort of crisis involved. My major criticism would be that your stories do not always seem 100% reliable. More than once, I have seen you present things as fact that other sources were describing as unconfirmed rumors. I still enjoy reading these stories, but would like it made clear that they have not been verified. Yours, Cory Panshin

P.S. If you are wondering about my Russian name, it is because my father-in-law was born in Voronezh. He came to the United States back in the 1920's.

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