Dear English Editor Novikova,

My compliments on very successful style of presentation. Not that the content is any less interesting than most world newspapers, actually, it is more. Having come to read Pravda by chance via the Peoples Daily, I must read your internet edition every morning now.

Advertisement being a must, I was attracted by yours seeking comments from the readers. The first I read today "AMERICA'S WAR INCORPORATED: WEAPONS AND WARS 'R'US". Interesting and long, I have copied it down to read in spare time. The others earlier, they must surely be equally interesting. Would you please be good enough to some time publish what you think is or ought to be the definition of terrorism. The way it is going at present reminds me of a story. A jungle creature asked of another whether the lord of the jungle the lion was hatched out of an egg or delivered by a lioness? The wise other replied, "He is the lord of the jungle and it is for him to decide whether to be hatched or be delivered."

Best wishes and regards, Iqbal Quadir

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