Milton Pinto: Good and enlightened Americans, sooner or later, will recognize that Pravda has a very balanced opinion

Hello There, I am a Brazilian reader and enjoy Pravda very much. I read Pravda to check what Russians think about world issues, like Middle East, war on terrorism and so on. I cannot say that Pravda is 100% unbiased. I am not 100% unbiased too. Everyone has a opinion. However, I agree with most articles published by Pravda. Even if I do not agree with some opinions, I have to recognize the high quality journalism presented by this news source. I really admire the education, elegance and competence of Russian people (and Russian women are really beautiful too). I really like the forum. This forum is a interactive way to be democratic and hear peoples voices. But this forum is the only thing that make me feel angry. It's because the hateful, ignorant messages posted by some Americans, most of times including prejudice, fallacies and clichйs. Americans and Zionists have often attacked this newspaper. I am not anti American, I am not anti Semite. I am Semite myself, I have Jewish ancestors. I live in US and I know great Americans and great Jews here. Some Americans are really stupid, some Jews are racist. All my good American and Jewish friends agree with that. However, innocent or not, most Americans are very ignorant about world's history and geography, and they have written lots of crap at the Pravda's forum. I believe that they are blinded by the most terrible corporate media in the world. But I am against censorship anyway, and these hateful posts are a great way to expose the evil of fascism and the stupid part of American public opinion. Some readers have written excellent replies to unmask and clarify the public about lies, fallacies and prejudice presented by these bad Americans. This is a great arena for debate. Moreover, I believe that criticizing the US government is a favor for American people. This is why I like Pravda, because it criticizes the US government using the truth. A news source with courage and independence to criticize US government and Israel is a gift for American people, because the American news are totally censored, biased and always try to hide or minimize what is embarrassing to the US government. Actually, American media is just a huge corporate propaganda machine. So, I brought up this opinion because I guess that Pravda is under American pressure. Perhaps, Pravda is being accused of being anti American. But I do not agree. Telling the truth, Pravda will be a good American friend. Good and enlightened Americans, sooner or later, will recognize that Pravda has a very balanced opinion. The Stalinism and the Soviet propaganda is over.Today, Pravda just exposes some embarrassing articles telling the truth about US government, but it's is done with a pacifist motivation, for the benefit of Americans, for the benefit of people from all over the world. Thanks

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