Tomislav Sunic comments on Interview with Serbian Politician

I read the interview with Mr Jovanovic with interest. I think we all have here a very massive problem. The endless sense of victimology and eternal narrative in exaggerated martyrhoods. Most Croats I know of here in Zagreb, would freak out, accusing Mr. Jovanovic of claiming historical Croatian lands, i.e., Slavonija, Dalmatia, Krajina.

I did get some flak from some Croats - for my earlier Pravda interview - "allegedly pandering to Serbs.."

Both Croats and Serbs have been manipulated by grandstanding word order architects. In 1919, Serbs seriously thought they had right to police the entire multiethnic Yugoslav kingdom.

Now they have backed up . and accuse NATO and EU? NATO by contrast, had slammed Slovenia and Croatia with embargo in 1991, which was favorable to already heavily armed Serbia and in force until 1995. . With our mutual demonization, we make ourselves laughing stock. Jerusalem? This is not my European capital; my-our spiritual capital should be ancient Athens. I prefer Homer to Beduin gods and other Leventine fakirs.

Hence, so much misunderstandings between Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats and other nations here in the region, including the Bible-thumping USA.

I think both Serbs and Croats -high powered academics - need to sit down and downsize their body counts, i.e., Serbian losses in fascist Croatia 1941-45 and Croatian losses after 1945 by Yugo communists.

At least I do hope we know our common enemy; communists and world plutocrats, whichever stripe they may have.

Please do post it Justin, and send it to Mr Jovanovic and "OBZOR" -with my kind greetings.

Dr. Tomislav Sunic (author) Croatia

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