Olympic controversy

Hello, I am a regular Pravda reader, and just wanted to pass along a short note to say how disappointing it has been to see Russia behave in so immature a fashion following the recent victories by US and Canadian skaters. Last night's competition, in particular, shows how delusional and paranoid the Russian people have become in such matters...your skater turned in a flawed performance against what was technically and artistically a superior performance by Hughes. North Americans didn't award her the gold--a panel of judges from around the world did. And as for the Canadian incident, it boggles the mind to try and grasp why your people are unable to understand that a judge in that affair said explicitly that she was pressured to vote in a predetermined fashion. Subsequent recants aside, that is clear and convincing evidence of something amiss even in the absence of (again) a far superior performance than that turned in by the Russian skaters. Scores of news outlets have shown side by side comparisons of virtually every frame of their respective performances, and the true verdict for anyone without severe myopia is clear.

A key component in any competition is the ability to lose with grace and dignity. The threats and whining of recent days has done much to erode my respect for your great country. Your people are strong, intelligent, and full of untapped potential...the longer your cloud your vision of the world in xenophobic and paranoid delusion, the longer that potential will remain untapped. Russia will never achieve its potential for future greatness with such a crippling inferiority complex.

Pat Dawson

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