The Greatest Story Ever Told

Hi, Mr. Gorshenin, this is Greg O'Neill, a Vietnam Vet, and a former Navy journalist/newspaper editor. I have never lost my nose for news, and I have found the greatest story ever told, or should be. 'Pravda' is now in the position of doing something magnificent, and vitally needed by the global community of nations, in researching this story that very much needs to be told quickly. We both know the current U.S. hostilities are all about OIL, and who controls it, it is not about 'terrorism'. A small number of elitists are battling for control of global OIL resources, and they are willing to sacrifice as many lives as they deem necessary to do it. -- The U.S. military industrial complex is guilty of hiding vital energy systems, in the interest of 'National Security', for over 50 years. The proof is amply provided for all the world to listen to, if they are made aware of it. By re-seaching, and publicizing this hidden story, Pravda will be making a tremendous impact on the course of future events, and will derail the looming U.S. military juggernaut poised to strike innocent people in many countries. -- I urge you to visit and listen carefully to every witness giving testimony there. Dr. Steven Greer has gathered testimony from over 400 witnesses from many areas of expertise, and from many countries, all prepared to go before open congressional hearings in the U.S., but that has been derailed by this contrived 'war on terrorism'. By telling the world's community of nations what is being kept hidden from them, by the U.S. elitists, and their allies in other countries, your newspaper will become a shining beacon of Truth that the world will greatly appreciate. -- Please take my words to heart, and do your research at the site I share with you now, Mr. Gorshenin, you won't regret telling the world this 'Greatest Story Ever Told'. -- I know the World will long remember this needed step towards global Peace in our day. Respectfully, Greg O'Neill

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