Anounimous reader: Condition of America -- A Citizen's Questions For Thought

I have been reading non-American newspapers, particularly letters to the editor, in the past few days in an effort to see what people from other countries think about the latest catastrophe that has occurred on American soil, which has unfortunately had such a devastating effect the world over. I have not been particularly surprised by any of them. I would like to ask your readers if they realize, that at the present time, America has incarcerated more of its own citizens than any country on the face of this earth. "Land of the Free" is simply not true. We are not free in our own country. We put people on death row who are not guilty. Then when evidence is submitted that the person is not guilty, America passes laws restricting monetary damages that the wrongfully incarcerated person can legally sue for. In many instances, in fact most instances, the Feds or "state officials" do not even want to let the prisoners go free, even though they have been presented cold hard evidence that the person is not guilty. And concerning people incarcerated for crimes other than for "murder", the list is seemingly endless. The very first thought that went through my mind upon my learning of the recent "terrorist" attacks, is that "Hopefully now America will concentrate on something other than war upon itself (incarcerating high numbers of its own population)." I have personal "first-hand" experience of Secret Service Agents lying just to get a conviction on someone they KNOW didn't commit a crime. I won't go into the details in this email, but I will say that my husband was put in solitary confinement for five solid months before his release date from a Federal prison; he endured kidney stone attacks and I worried every minute of every day that he wouldn't live to see his release date. This incarceration was for something that he did not do, but which he was essentially forced to plead guilty to just because he had a previous record. The system in this country does not work fairly, at least not in my opinion. I'll just say in closing that I fervently hope and want to believe that Terrorists from the Middle East are the ones responsible for this latest mass murder in America, but I will also say that I would never ever ever stake my life on that fact, because I know first-hand what the United States Government is capable of doing to its own citizens, as I have lived through terror here at home in America.

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