John J. Donna: We, the people of Earth, can awaken and take control of our destiny

It is only in changing ourselves that our world will change. No external change in governmental or economic systems, even planetary unification, no external achievement, even victory in World War III, will bring peace, order, and security to Earth unless the external visible change is matched by the hidden inner transformation brought about as our people seek and find peace within. The solution is one of individual responsibility. We must dare to take responsibility for every moment of our existence. By reshaping our attitudes we will reshape our lives. Each moment counts. Every thought, every word, every action makes us who and what we are and every person we touch ever after will be affected by the choices we make here and now. If we shatter one life, crush one spirit, we wound all humanity and if we uplift one person we uplift the world. As we learn, the world learns with us and if we no longer remember, the world will forget. By encouraging our children and our planetary people to be accountable we build our society on a foundation of human duties to complement human rights. It is our duty to care. Apathy breeds ignorance. Ignorance brings poverty of spirit. Poverty of spirit is the destroyer of hope. Our choices are limited. We, the people of Earth, can awaken and take control of our destiny or we can watch helplessly as our children suffer and our planet dies. The hour is late, but it is not too late. Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, let us come to terms with our past, let us be reconciled with our present, and let us be confident of our future; let us test our courage, let us strengthen our purpose, and let us deepen our faith. Aware of our talents and potential, let each of us grow, every day, better and stronger, and let us overcome all limitations by living in accordance with our highest truth. Seeking peace within ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us, let us end the division of our people, dispel the illusion that humanity is separate from nature and thereby heal our planet. It is not our work to save the world, but to help our world save itself, and if we only succeed in changing ourselves, our world, too, will change. The change will come when each person realizes the power of the individual to make a difference. The world grows in small steps and each of us, in our own minds, in our own hearts, and in our own lives, shapes the world around us. The truly important things in life can't be touched with our hands, but must be felt in our hearts. We have the power to uplift or tear-down every person we meet. Home, family, neighborhood, and community are the things that last. Love is the glue that binds us all together. Love enables us to realize, to feel, to know, our oneness . . . with each other and with all things. Love is the sponge that can soak up the hatred and mistrust in the world, transforming our inner selves into a force for healing and renewal. Without love humanity will be no more alive than its machines. All of the things that this generation has yet to dream and do may one day be long forgotten, but if person-to-person we passed on the living legacy of love, onenesss, and community, we will live in those who walk this world or beneath a faraway star a thousand generations from now. We must rediscover that the relationship of family is the basic building block of the community and of society. Only the family can instil in our children the firm foundation of character and self-confidence which will enable them to build a life of love, peace, happiness, and success. It is the role of family to educate and guide the young, to give them the social mores and living skills which are necessary for survival, and to create an environment of economic and emotional security through shared interdependence and love. Although the very fabric of society changes as its attitudes and circumstances develop, the role of family remains unaltered. There must be one clear point of reference and unity for the individual struggling with the tidal wave of accelerated change. If the family, our children's first introduction to, and model for, living, cannot provide it, then humanity faces the day in which it will witness the unraveling of its very essence. The dominoes of family, neighborhood, community, and our planetary society will stand or fall in as much as family endures. If we, the people of Earth, as individuals and families, find healing and renewal, that flame will strengthen and take hold within our neighborhoods and our nations. If we remain committed to making the difference by changing one thought, one conversation, one life at a time . . . remain committed to living and learning from life's center, this precious present moment, with love in our hearts and upon our lips . . . the peaceful force of our communion will ripple out to touch the spirit of our planet and will truly light the world. Respectfully Submitted,

John J. Donna, Pittsfield, Massachusetts The USA

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