Christie Reed: The Arab world seems to feel inferior over us

As far back as I can remember I have heard stories of the Vietnam and World Wars, but now at the age of 15 I am actually living a war. There are various questions that rise to my mind but only one thought I can't seem to answer. What actually caused these terrorist attacks to become so extreme? It's been a month since the horrible attacks on our power cities, and still no questions have been fully answered. The Arab world seems to feel inferior over us. In reality they are actually just jealous of our political and military power. If anything has happened since these attacks, it's brought our nation stronger and more eager to strike back. Not one person can say they haven't walked down the streets and have spotted numerous signs saying 'god bless America'. Flags fill our home fronts and donations are pouring in from everywhere around the US. We seem to have more then half the world on our side. But the Arabs on the other hand only really have their group of overly religious fiends that think god wants them to kill. Over in Afghanistan the people and their belief systems are very behind in today's society. They still feel women are not important and that god is everything to them. The Arabs need to wake up and realize that they are not always right, they are just stubborn on how everyone should think. Their beliefs may have been the cause of all this disaster but this is not the end, it's only just begun.

Christie Reed

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