Joe Wertz: I am sick of my generation's ignorance

As a 15 year old American student, I am sick of my generation's ignorance and "refusal-to-think" attitude, especially concerning the recent attacks and aftermath. This pop culture state-of-mind has infused in America's young generation a lackadaisical approach toward producing one's own beliefs and opinions. The unprecedented amount of media coverage that has proceeded the attacks on Washington, DC and New York City has force-fed the fact thirsty television audience opinion after opinion. The majority of my young generation relies on these opinions of an older generation, rather than going through their own mental process of debating to produce their own feelings. I believe media personnel and teachers should encourage young people to think and come to their own conclusions. Now, I urge my peers to speak out and prove to the older generations that we are capable of being intellectual and contributing to society.

Joe Wertz

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