Neil Richards concerning the article of Irina Malenko "CONFLICTING DATA ABOUT 200 KILLED IN NIGERIA OVER ANTI-U.S. PROTESTS"

The article by Irina Malenko was titled CONFLICTING DATA ABOUT 200 KILLED IN NIGERIA OVER ANTI-U.S. PROTESTS. But no conflicting data was presented. The artcicle states that the Dutch media, no reference given, has reported that 200 Muslims have been killed in Kano at the hands of the Nigerian police as a result of a clash between Muslims and Christians at a large anti-American demonstration. From there, the correspondent goes on to ask the question: HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL DIE ALL OVER THE WORLD DUE TO THE BLIND AMERICAN HATRED? Objective journalism? I think not. This is not an article. It is an editorial and not a very logical one at that. Will PRAVDA.Ru ever begin to understand that distinction? I already have information obtained from reputable sources about what happened in Nigeria. I would also like to be able to find reputable information here on the pages of this paper. Please, PRAVDA.Ru, establish an editorial page so that your correspondents who mix fact with opinion can be clearly identified. So-called articles like this one only serve to diminish PRAVDA.Ru's credibility.

Neil Richards Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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Author`s name Editorial Team